I created a name, tagline, brand colors and ads for internal sales software.






Art Direction
Product Naming
Tagline Writing
Brand Color Design
Logo Design
Ad Design

Branding for a powerful data marketing scientist sales tool

Name, logo, tagline, banner ad and PowerPoint presentation design for biotechnology corporation in South San Francisco, California. An internal project needed its own brand identity as it was developed, shared and incorporated into the company processes at Genentech. The project is gSONAR “Detecting Opportunity.” – an analytics tool that helps data marketing scientists spot opportunities so they can correct course in their marketing strategies.

Special care went into the color scheme for the PowerPoint presentation template to make sure there was a variety of colors that were easy to differentiate in an overhead projector environment. Floor banner ads were designed to imply the analyst is walking out into the sea of data and that the company’s proprietary tool gSONAR will help them detect opportunities to focus on instead of getting lost in the overwhelming data.

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⸺ Product Naming

The software tool for data scientists had to have a descriptive and logical name. The little "g" is reminiscent of the parent company name.

⸺ Tagline Writing

The tagline helped bring home the overall concept. Clear, short and simple. "Detecting Opportunity" reads also like a job description.

⸺ Logo Design

Working with the sonar metaphor I played with variations on the idea incorporated into the letters to make a memorable logo mark.

⸺ Ad Design

Expanding on the sonar theme further I used the concept known to data scientists as the "sea of data" incorporating more navigation images.

⸺ Brand Color Design

The single blue logo color was fine for a mark but not enough variation for Powerpoint slides presented on overhead projectors.

⸺ Art Direction

From concepting and writing to design and color theory all the pieces work together seamlessly and accomplish all objectives.

10' x 10' Floor Banner Ad Design