I designed a new website that showcases their incredible approach to event production.


Carlstrom Productions




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After 20 years in business...

A new logo and brand identity design is an essential boost after 20 years in the business of event production. The concept behind the brand identity is a clear shot at modernizing the logo. I did away with the classic Futura font for a more future forward font face that leaves us curious about the altered characters. The yellow box is implying a container.

Yes, this company is creative and thinks “outside the box” often, but also, I find it more relevant about what they put in the box: the screen, the stage, the podium, the frame. The shape abstractly represents the many services they offer and the creative force they have grown to become. And it looks great on a black team shirt backstage.

Simple styling: distinctive and easy to maintain

Rebranding a company after 20 years of doing business in an industry where everyone knows all the players is delicate. You want to modernize and freshen without losing some familiarity.  The old logo was all caps Futura font with  three goldenrod triangles to represent stage lights. It served them well for 20 years but was starting to look a little dated.

My solution was to brighten the yellow and leave some reminiscent details while adding some new elements. The main font is a little rebellious with a modified A and O. I play with right and vertically aligned text and use modern elements in the web design like video, large typography and animations. Overall, they now have a powerful presence.

Pantone® 532 C
C71 M65 Y64 K72

Pantone® 186 C
C6 M100 Y100 K1

Pantone® 663 C
C02 M01 Y01 K00


Havelock Complete Bold


SF Pro Text Regular