Crafting Identity: Your Portrait, Your Empowered Story

Discover the transformative power of photography as a key to unlocking your true self. Through the lens, we embark on an intuitive journey, liberating and celebrating your authentic self. Each portrait is a spellbinding representation, crafting energy that deepens impressions in your mind, shaping your understanding of who you are and the boundless possibilities that stem from this idea.

Portraiture, to me, is not just an artistic endeavor but a celebratory act—a way to revel in life’s most precious moments. Whether capturing the joy of having a baby, the beauty of falling in love, the excitement of starting a new career, or the empowerment found in witnessing and feeling your own unique beauty, each photograph becomes a timeless testament to the richness of your journey. Life unfolds from the image we hold of ourselves, and together, we have the creative control to shape it.

The first step is to book a call to discuss your portrait and styling. At that time we can decide which of the following packages is best for you and schedule the shoot.


Natural Profile

The most efficient, bang for the buck package that gets you a great headshot in a picturesque outdoor location with beautiful natural lighting, usually during golden hour.

— One outfit
— 20 high-resolution, pro-edited photos
— Basic retouching to enhance skin and minor adjustments on 5 final selections
— A private online gallery for easy viewing and downloading of photos
— Duration: 1 hour


Studio Style

The most popular package that gets you a portrait with professional studio lighting. Shot in the downtown studio in San Diego we will explore the mood and style you want to create with your look.

— Up to two outfit changes
— 40 high-resolution, pro-edited photos
— Advanced retouching, including skin smoothing and minor body adjustments on 5-10 final selections
— A private online gallery for easy viewing and downloading of photos
— Duration: 2 Hours


Creative Visionary

The most flexible and creative package where you get several concepts, varied lighting and background changes. This is excellent for someone who needs several different portraits and wants to explore a variety of styles. Shot in the studio in San Diego or a location of the client’s choice.

— Customized styling and staging, including props and creative concepts
— Multiple outfit changes as needed
— An extensive collection of high-resolution, pro-edited photos
— Extensive retouching and post-processing to achieve a unique artistic look on 10-20 final selections
— A private online gallery for easy viewing and downloading of photos
— Duration: Unlimited Time


We work with

1. Research and strategy

To get started, you will book a free introductory planning call. Our first task is to determine the limitations we are working with, establish a budget, timeline, list of deliverables, location and lighting possibilities. With this in mind we can research some concepts for the day of the shoot. We can decide if we need to obtain any props or plan for styling. Do we want a makeup artist, a new outfit, a special photographic gadget? Is there a shot list, up front direction or brand guidelines? After our first call I will send an invoice to be paid before the shoot.

2. The day of the shoot

With regard to our plan and limitations we arrive at the location and get organized. For a Natural Profile shoot I recommend you show up in the one outfit and makeup complete so the hour can be used for the shoot. Be 15 min early. Get a good night’s sleep and be well hydrated and fed. If we are in the studio there will be an area for applying makeup and outfit changes. We will strategize what to shoot first, 2nd, 3rd in respect to the concepts, backgrounds and lighting setup and time available. We will communicate throughout the shoot and make smaller choices on the fly and have a whole lot of fun.

3. Retouching and post-processing

Within one to two days after the shoot I will send you a link to an online gallery of edited images. The shots will have basic edits and color adjustments. You will then mark your favorites with a little heart and make any comments you may have in the gallery.  I will then take one to two days to finish retouching your final selections.  I will submit a new gallery for you to download the final images from. If you would like to order any prints, canvases, photo albums or printable products we will do this last.